Modern art titans encounter small town sceptics.
Deliciously unforeseen results.


Entertainingly relates what happens when the modern art circus descends on an unsophisticated little town.


Might it be satire?  Possibly.
An absorbing story as well?  You judge.
Is it a laugh at the expense of modern art?  Oh yes.

 Now only available as an e-book.

ISBN 978-0-9518133-2-4

Gardening writer Zinnia Peasmore is determined to stop her wonderful quarry garden being used as a landfill site, and her family and American niece all become involved in the deception she hatches to save it. But unorthodox means lead to unforeseen consequences, her plan runs anything but smoothly and she learns some of life's lessons.


This is a novel for those who love gardening, admire village living, and relish the quirky side of life.

 Now only available as an e-book.

ISBN 978-0-9518133-1-7